Archives of the future: Italy, the postcolonial and the time to come

postcolonialitalia international conference
University of Padua, February 18-20 2015


Archives of the Future
invites scholars in the human and social sciences to investigate the role and the potential of postcolonial critical theories and practices in/for the Italian context. The main aim of the conference is to sound the impact of the postcolonial paradigm on forms, modes and contents of the Italian academic and cultural tradition, and to promote new critical perspectives that, by making visible the country's (post)colonial legacy, may produce an understanding of the workings of the present as it interrogates its (lack of) future.

The postcolonialitalia research project from which this conference stems investigates the tension between the normative power of the archive and the possibility to renew its contents, in the attempt to unhinge a longstanding academic tradition of defensive protection of disciplinary borders, which forecloses the possibility of confronting and sharing criteria of inquiry and meaning-production across different fields of study and branches of learning.

The conference also aims to inflect the postcolonial paradigm through a perspectival angle which we refer to as the 'European South': a provocative theoretical location, rather than an identifiable geopolitical region, connected to the notion of the 'global South' that has become a shorthand for the postcolonial peoples of the contemporary world. From this angle it tries to bring to light the new faces of a country 'in transit', and to offer new readings of its canons and archives, of the 'locations' of Italian culture.

with the collaboration of

Universit√† di Padova   AISCLI   CIRSIM